Camelia Panati, award winning author, cancer survivor and holistic wellness activist lays down the foundation for what it takes to truly live a healthy and vibrant life and enjoy abundant energy!

Your Healthy Zesty Life,  is the perfect self-help book for anyone looking for ways to boost their energy naturally by addressing the root cause and not band-aiding the symptoms with yet another pill or energy drink.

The book is set to be a revelation for those living with tiredness, foggy thinking, poor digestion and a general lack of vitality, often a result of hectic lifestyles, poor diet and hidden gut imbalances.

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About the Book


Are you tired of feeling tired? Is your lack of energy keeping you away from living the life you were meant to live?

If you are like most women, you probably tried many quick fixes for a boost in energy, went on fad diets or took a 'magic' pill, but never really got to the root cause of your symptoms. 

You probably lost fate and blamed it all on age.

But there is a WAY! There is a PATH to feeling healthy and vibrant again, regardless of your age! It all starts with your precious gut; the often ignored ‘engine’ responsible for your overall wellbeing.

Through a 6-step process, the book will help you identify the why and what behind your lack of energy and reveal the how behind regaining your energy and zest for life. It will help you uncover and eliminate those internal obstacles that have been holding you back from feeling and looking your best!

Its unique advantage is that it’s based on the author’s actual life experience, who has overcome cancer and managed to thrive and feel better than ever before by implementing the lessons taught in this book.
Each chapter is packed with helpful and easy to implement actionable tips to reinforce Camelia's simple, yet effective steps for overcoming exhaustion and achieving vibrant health. 
Every step of the way you will feel supported and cheered on in a loving and uplifting way, thanks to Camelia's engaging, witty and passionate approach.

Referring to the gut as the body’s “engine”, Camelia unlocks insightful ways to give the gut a little more love and your whole self more care in order to reap a plethora of benefits. Through gut-healing practices, healthy eating, inner reflection and balanced living, she'll help you reveal your healthy-zesty self and get back your life! Your Healthy-Zesty Life!


Those who have read the book have already been quick to praise Camelia’s work. 

"NO GUTS, NO GLORY...! A fascinating insight into how Camelia revitalized her life through a healthy lifestyle metamorphosis. This is excellent reading for anyone suffering chronic fatigue and searching for alternative solutions. The principles of good health outlined in this book are certain to bring vibrant energy and inner serenity back into the lives of many readers."

Terence Moraczewski, MD

What delicious food for thought ‘Chef’ Camelia has served us with her effervescent writing! This novel is a must for all women overworked by obligations but undernourished by the rules to a happier, healthier, holistic life! 


Laila Salts, MD

"Camelia Panati's book hits the spot for anyone starving to regain the energy or thirsting for the knowledge to discover wellness. Highly recommended reading for any patient that presents for perpetual tiredness with no obvious medical explanation."

David Hall, MD

This magnificent book is not only a useful tool to identify the need for change, but also a mirror for the whole course of your life. It makes you understand how you created everything that you are and it pulls you by the hand to get you out of all comfort zones. If you dare to read it, it ends up reading you!

Melya Andra

"I don't have enough words to recommend Camelia’s book to any woman! Even to those who don’t think they have any problem. It's very easy to become addicted to work when you have a deep passion for it. It's easy to replace a few hours of sleep with a few hours of more pleasant work. But eventually, the enthusiasm will turn into exhaustion. Camelia’s book taught me how to take care of myself, be healthier and more productive in my work.  I feel that I am really lucky that I could benefit from her knowledge."

Geta Grama
Founder Geta’s Quilting Studio

What I love about “Your Healthy Zesty Life” is that it not only paints the picture on how to change specific things in my life to make me feel better, but it also provides the details and support to get started. This is exactly what I needed to take the first step to a healthier lifestyle and abundant energy. Passion, inner  peace and love are what inspire this book!


Billi Jo Wright
SVP Partnership & Client Mgmt.


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"We only have one life to live, so we better make the best of it!"

Camelia Panati

A cancer survivor and holistic health enthusiast, Camelia is a firm believer that what we feed our body and how we care for our whole self has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. Her own healing journey taught her the devastating effects an unbalanced gut has on one’s health, which is why she believes that healing the gut is the first and most important step in regaining our energy and living a healthy-zesty life! 

She made it her mission to help people struggling with low energy get back their life by teaching them how to naturally regain the energy they so much need in order to feel and look their best! She advocates for an integrative approach that focuses not only on nutrition but on self-care and lifestyle choices in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

Camelia received her holistic nutrition training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
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